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My father used to tell me “you can’t achieve greatness without failure”, and nothing could be more true. I believe that you must push yourself to the limit in everything you do, and in failing, your body and mind will adapt. 

Although I participated in sports from a very young age, it wasn’t until I was 11 that my life in the fitness world began. I suffered a serious back injury, and spent nearly 9 months recovering with physical therapy and strength building exercise, at the time, setting the foundation for a very strong core. I recovered from the injury, and from it, evolved my mentality from simply going through the motions, to focusing and improving on every movement. Working out became an obsession, muscle increasing month by month, but creating more and more issues fitting into clothes that were simply not made for me. I was more than just big arms or shoulders, my body was well balanced, which brought muscle and bulk to places clothing brands do not take into consideration, in my back, sides, and chest. My best solution at the time was to pull clothes out of the wash machine and wear them wet, so they would stretch to a point where they may fit a bit more comfortable, not knowing 20 years ago that this was the beginning of FIT the FIT. 


I’m Tony, founder of FIT the FIT. I have a strong background in fitness, being a hobby of mine for over 25 years, and more than a dozen years in business management, and manufacturing. I decided to put together everything I know to bring a product that I want to not only be different, but to offend other brands, and challenge their way of thinking. I know well the downsides of having additional sizes, and I don’t care. This isn’t just for me, or for money in sales to the masses, this is for all of us, because it’s about time something was made to FIT the FIT.